Freedom HKG
FREE HONG KONG: Stand With Us at G20
Open Letter

Proud to be Free.

Proud to be Hongkongers.


Who are we?


We are a group of Hong Kong citizens. We are concerned about the future of our city.

On 25 June 2019, we launched this crowdfunded project with the aim of publishing an open letter in major international newspapers to draw the world’s attention to Hong Kong’s struggle against the Extradition Bill during the G20 Osaka Summit 2019. We managed to raise over HK$6.7 million (US$857,000) in nine hours, exceeding the fundraising goal by 1.2 times.

We are a group of volunteers from diverse backgrounds who have worked together as part of this grassroots movement. We have not been and will never be influenced by or receive any financial backing from foreign governments or unscrupulous powers. We are simply driven by our sheer love for Hong Kong.

We have created this website to inform the world of the crisis in Hong Kong and to explain how you can help to keep Hong Kong open, free and just, where people from all over the world can visit, do business and call “home”.

What happened?


Hong Kong is a city with a population of 7.4 million people.

1,000,000 people took to the streets on 9 June, followed by a rally on 12 June. During the rally, peaceful protesters were attacked by the police with unnecessary and excessive force. The government ignored the general consensus of the citizens who they are supposed to serve.

On 15 June, our movement suffered its first death. “The Man in The Yellow Raincoat,” Mr. Leung, tragically jumped to his death from a shopping mall near the Government Headquarters after unfurling a large protest banner against the Extradition Bill.

On 16 June, a record-breaking 2,000,000 protesters took to the streets once more. They demanded that the government withdraw the Extradition Bill, release the arrested protesters unconditionally, and launch an independent investigation into the police’s excessive use of violence on 12 June.

How can you help?


“Freedom is merely privilege extended, Unless enjoyed by one and all.” - The Internationale, Billy Bragg

If you are a leader, delegate or representative of a G20 member country, please read our story and understand our predicament and the looming fate we face. We trust you will land on the right side of history and do the right thing.

If you treasure freedom and justice, please lend us your support and follow us through the following hashtags: