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FREE HONG KONG: Stand with Hong Kong Until Dawn
Offener Brief

An Open Letter by Hongkongers

Stand with Hong Kong until Dawn

This is an urgent appeal from Hong Kong. The clock is ticking—we need your help.

Please urge your government to stand with us, Hongkongers, as we confront escalating violence from the Hong Kong government. While we fear for our safety—and regret the disruptions caused out of desperation—we vow to keep fighting for freedom and democracy.

Amid tear gas and rubber bullets, this once vibrant and safe metropolis is at a crossroads. Since the protests against the controversial extradition bill started in June, Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedom have been eroded beyond recognition. This is the ugly truth that the Hong Kong government does not want you to know: Hong Kong is becoming a police state.

Instead of implementing political reform as promised, the Hong Kong government has turned into an apparatus of repression. Police brutality, endorsed by both the Hong Kong and Chinese governments, has now become part of our daily lives. In the name of public order, the police dehumanise protesters as “cockroaches” and deploy certain anti-riot measures prohibited by international standards. The police also batter passers-by, journalists and medical personnel. Police stations are shut whenever alleged thugs-for-hire indiscriminately attack protesters and ordinary citizens. Arbitrary arrests and political prosecutions are becoming increasingly common.

We are fighting for survival—and you can make a difference. Please:

  • Call on your government to exert diplomatic pressure on the Hong Kong and Chinese governments and to adopt policies promoting Hongkongers’ rights, freedom and safety, such as sanctions and bans on arms exports.
  • Bear witness to Hongkongers’ fight for freedom. Tell our story—especially if we can no longer do it ourselves.

Fight For Freedom. Stand With Hong Kong.